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Elegant Stone Veneer LLC uses the best products and material to create the ultimate stone veneer. We take pride in the quality control and use of best available equipment and technology to ensure a reliable and consistent product.

From the manufacturing to the distribution of the stone, every possible detail is taken into consideration to allow for a great product. Please look through the Stone Selections and if there are any questions or ideas of color schemes do not hesitate to ask. 

Elegant Stone Veneer LLC Manufacturing Products


ASTM C330 Approved Aggregate


High-Quality Portland Cement


Premium Quality Coloring


High-Quality Stone Veneer Molds


Elegant Stone Veneer LLC honors a 25 year limited warranty.
Quick Reference Points of Limited Warranty:
1. Elegant Stone Veneer LLC (ESV) warrants to the original purchaser from the date of sale.


2. Limited Warranty covers defects in manufacturing resulting in excessive cracking, blistering and delaminating.


3. Limited Warranty covers the cost of material to replace the defective stone product.


4. Limited Warranty does not cover materials used during construction that are not sold by Elegant Stone Veneer.


5. Limited Warranty does not cover defects caused by chemicals and minerals once installed. 


6. Limited Warranty does not cover normal weathering and environment conditions.


7. Limited Warranty does not cover improper installation resulting in non-IRC compliance.
For complete Limited Warranty Details Download Limited Warranty Document.

Elegant Stone Veneer LLC Technical Information



Elegant Stone Veneer is engineered to exceed all AC-51 regulations.



Installation Guide



You will also find the NVMA Installation Guide for installation “How To’s”



ATSM E 84 Test Results



We also have ASTM E 84 Test Result Class A Rating Information. The link is also below.